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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oxygen Facial Treatment with BELLEZZA AESTHETICS

Life is too stressful to deal with each single life that come to our end.
Hence, don't let the stressfulness ruin your day or even bully your body !

As a woman, it is very important for us to take a good skin care of our face
regardless how you busy you are or stress because face is the most sensitive area.
I was pampering my face at faboulous aesthetics of Bellezza at Wheelock Place
Felt that my skin was getting dry and dry. Oh man ! i am still young ! no wrinkle please !

About Bellezza Aesthetics

Backed by years of experience to meet the unique needs of Asian skin, Bellezza Aesthetics is
a haven for relation and rejuvenation offering a truly diverse range of the latest beauty treatments.

Not only just focus on face skin care, but its aesthetics also provides an effective treatment
of body that produce instant visible results. Why said so ?  Here are their selling points.
- State of the art Technology
- High quality skincare products
- Well trained & Qualified Esthetician
- Highest hygiene standard in all treatments

When i stepped into the door everything seems so elegant and classy. I was greeted by their
friendly staff and after that they brought me into a fabulous waiting room with cosy sofa,

Thank you for the warm hospitality of biscuits and tea.

To meet the ever growing customer demands and to serve them better, Bellezza Aesthetics
has moved to a bigger premise at Wheelock Place in April 2016. With a talented
and enthusiastic team, it has created a beautiful and posh new outlet.

After the consultation and recommendation for facial type that suitable for my skin,
I was brought into a comfy treatment.  YAY ! GET READY TO CHANGE !

Accordance to my dry skin of current situation, i was suggested to go for Oxygen facial.
It boosts a moisture on a dry skin and keep it hydrated while stimulating collage production.

This is the technology machine they use. It has 3 functions but 1 of it is for Oxygen boost.

While during the treatment, the room light was off and the room was a bit of dark.
So below picture taken isn't clear enough..

As per usual, facial treatment is started from the routine facial cleansing followed by
extraction which i have to force myself to stay calm and endure the pain in order to keep
our face clean from dirt and better absorption of products.

Next would be most important and existing part which is Oxy Jet tool.
After applying the hyaluronic acid serum on skin, the aesthetician would start using the tool
to aid on a better absorption as the tool pumps the oxygen directly into my skin.

It was so cooling yet i felt so sleepy because it was too easeful.

Bellezza isn't just a haven for face solution but they also provides hand treatment
The Silky Collagen Hand Treatment was so cosy when applying it on my hand.
My whole hand was wrapped so i wasn't able to take photo

The hand treatment was really good. It helps to smoother, fairer and get rid away
of your wrinkle hands. It consists of hand massage using plant placenta collage cream and
application of plant placenta hot mask. Not to worry the hot mask isn't a sensation of burning,
it is just a bit of warm and only ghe warm feeling is just less than 8 minutes.
It is great and recommended for dry and aging skin

While waiting wating for the hand treatment massage, give a rest for your eyes
The lavender oil applying on the eye mask was so comfy and snug. I really almost fall asleep.

DONE WITH THE TREATMENT ... Absolutely it was so REFRESHED !
Personally i like the results of the treatment for sure. My skin on my face and hand was really
improved a lot. I felt rejuvenated. My face was moisture up, smoother, and the collagen
was really boosted into my skin. Even my hand was tightened and moisturized.

When i touched my face and looked at the mirror i wish i could have this skin forever/

Before i left, i was asked to go into a waiting room to rest.
Cookies and warm tea were there waiting for me :)

Let's selfie Sally ~~ a pretty and feminine staffs of Bellezza

Good News to share.
Bellezza is having a trial session. Do try it out since the price is worth for the treatment ,
just for $38 included a skin analysis scan.
T & C :
 - First time customers of Bellezza Aesthetics of age 18 and above
 - Valid for Singaporean, PR, S-Pass and WP Holder only
 - Book your appointment : (65) 6223 2533

For more information, you can check out on their website and facebook

501 Orchard Road
 #04-13 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880
Nearest MRT : Orchard
Operating Hours : Weekday : 11 AM - 10 PM
Sat, Sun & PH : 10 AM - 7 PM

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