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Monday, June 13, 2022

Hair Makeover - Colouring : Keolleo Bar

I have been in short hair for a while and since the last cut, my remaining bleached hair is still around. So, I give it a thought to dye my hair and cut it again since my hair is getting longer.

Visited Kelleog Bar at Bugis Cube which is located on the level 2nd floor to get my hair done. When I reached the place, I was amazed by its pink theme and the nice setup of the shop. This shop particularly is for beauty services, one of the examples is eyelashes. 

One of the staff brought me up to the third floor to do hair services since level 2 was fully occupied. Once I reached the 3rd floor, I was told I need to wait, because they were short of manpower. I was fine with it and understood their situation. I discussed with the assistant manager on what hair colour I’d like to do and what suits my hair since I still have my bleached colour which I don’t intend to bleach further.

Since I still need to wait for another half an hour after the discussion, I was a bit hungry and went to find food to fill up my stomach. After I come back by then I was told to wait again for another half an hour. The assistant manager asked one of the staff to bring me to the 2nd floor and see if there is someone who can assist me. Unfortunately, all of them were occupied and they assisted me to have a seat inside the beauty services shop. All in all, I waited for one and a half hours.

The service began with the haircut. I requested to cut my hair shorter and showed the hairstylist the last haircut that I had. He kept telling me that was very short (slightly more than a chin a bit) and now my hair is quite long, it’s better not to cut it too short. I told him I am totally fine to cut my hair shorter. I don’t intend to cut till the last length (near the chin) but as long as clear off the shoulder, I am good with it. 

I looked through my past photos and compare them with the current length, then I realized that It was really short and no wonder he kept insisting on me not to cut it again. That also makes me realised when I did my first short haircut, the hairstylist was a bit stunned, and I still remembered he warned me that he is going to cut it and asked if I am ready for that. 

Okay, let me cut to the experience after a haircut, we began with the hair colour. It's a pretty easy - straight forward hair makeover since there isn't any bleaching. 

Guess, what colour it is?

I wanted to do underline/peek-a-boo style but because I didn’t bleach so the hairstylist recommended colouring my hair all over and I’d get to see the pretty colour on my leftover bleached area. After being done applying with hair colour, the hairstylist wrapped up my hair and waited for around 25 – 30 mins before washing it. 

This is what my overall hair looks like. I’m in love with the purple hair colour. The outer layer may not be obvious – it looks like brown but let’s take a look at the side of my hair.

Thanks to the hairstylist recommendation and it was a good experience although the waiting time was pretty long but understand that they have been trying their best.

The location is easy to find. Once you reach at Bugis, walk over to Bugis Cube (opposite Bugis Junction) and take an escalator up to #02-05.

Here’s the sneak view of the location inside.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Super Hair Removal : La Vie Aesthetics

If you guys have been doing waxing and shaving away your unwanted hair, it's time to put aside all your razor and the painful waxing. There is a smoother way to do and achieve a better permanent result. I have visited La Vie Aesthetics to get my hair removal done. 

They use SHR - Super Hair Removal, a newer technology than IPL, which uses low energy and rapid pulsing diode laser but at a higher frequency. This technology allows the skin to be heated gently with a rapid pulse yet improved efficacy. SHR targets both fine and coarse hair. The cooling technology helps you feel discomfort and pain. 

After the consultation, I was brought to the treatment room. You have the option of whether to change onto the provided clothes. If you are wearing long pants, this cloth is definitely for you.

Shaving a day before the treatment or before the treatment is recommended. If the hair is too much might cause the heat to burn off, and it is the most effective during the growth phase.

After about 5 minutes of getting ready, the staff came in with the SHR machine. All I need is just 15 mins to spare for my lower leg treatment. There wasn't a need for me to shave my hair before the treatment. Without delaying further, the staff passed me a black spectacle to wear as the light can be very bright and after which we proceeded with the treatment.

Unlike IPL, SHR treatment doesn't need any gel. It is a straightforward treatment by putting the machine in the area we want to treat. And there! the light hit off on my leg.

The overall experience was good.  My legs felt smooth after the treatment, and there wasn't discomfort or pain. I can't wait for my upcoming treatment. Recommended doing the treatment regularly, at least once a month, to achieve a better permanent result.

Secure your booking slot with them at (65)6581 4417.

The usual price is $388, quote "CENNDS" for your first trial only at $68

La Vie Aesthetics

277 Orchard Road #04-08 Orchard Gateway 

Singapore 238858

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Islandwide Cake Delivery - Dig in Cakes

With the Christmas and New Year sessions around the corner, it might be hard for us to have a last-minute plan for our sweet tooth. Most of the desserts shop might be fully booked or the order is fully booked. But not to worry too much, I am going to share with you guys the islandwide 24/7 that I stumbled upon. 

Dig in cakes provides wallet-friendly fresh cakes with more than 50 different flavours and an islandwide delivery service 24/7. Besides cakes, they also have fresh flower bouquets, preserved flower domes, and balloons to complete your birthday party or any occasion. Just a few clicks at here, you get to see their pretty cakes and the props.

They are known to provide premium quality cakes with a wallet-friendly price starting from $29.90. 

I got my Yuzu Osmanthus Cake with them. Honest review, I really like the cake. The texture was so soft, and the sweet and sour taste of the yuzu was good enough to balance out the flavour. The cake is not as sweet as I thought and is topped with dried osmanthus flowers.

The cakes are not just limited to fruits cake, but they have different flavours such as durian cake, tea cakes, chocolate cake, cheesecake and many more.

For orders above $100, you get to enjoy free same-day delivery right to your doorsteps. They also provide a 1-hour and midnight delivery option for last-minute orders.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Laser Journey after IDS Skincare

Recently I have some breakouts on my face. I felt annoyed with a few sudden breakups. I wasn't sure what were the causes. It could be because of my hormonal changes or too heaty or not enough sleep. I made a trip down to IDS to get my skin consulted. We were planning to do a laser a few months ago, but because my skin condition wasn't stable, it wasn't advisable to do a laser that works for the scars. Instead, IDS suggested doing Aerolase Laser which, suitable for acne.

Since my skin condition has changed, I was asked to stop using the Recovery Serum ideal for sensitive skin and added on the new skincare, Blemish Mist from IDS Skincare. This new product serves as an anti-blemish purpose. 

Blemist Mist - Celeste

The Aerolase laser works well for acne and good for skin rejuvenation. At the same, I did an extraction for my acne after the laser. The consultant applied numbing cream for me before the treatment. The best part about this laser is no downtime and no pain at all. It is my first time doing such a light laser. The only pain I felt was during the extraction. The slight pain and warmth were only last for a couple of minutes. I was informed beforehand, and I am fine with it.

The numbing process was fast. It only took less than 10 minutes for the cream to absorb. Even the laser was also quite fast. The overall process takes less than half an hour. IDS did the laser carefully for me and was attentive enough to ask if I am doing fine while the laser was going on.

laser - celeste

Here's the look of me before and after laser. The red spot on my face was from the extraction. I didn't mind the extraction even though it was slight pain because it did help with my pimples. The redness was gone after a few days and left no scars.


Post-Treatment - 4th days


Throughout this few months journey, my skin tone is more even, and my skin seems brighter. Of course, I still have a few pimples, but the spot control does a good job on the pimple. The biggest change was my dry undereye, it's gone. When I started, my cheek also was dehydrated, and now it has been getting much better. I don't feel the dry skin anymore.

I feel so happy with the improvement of my dehydrated skin especially, my dry under the eye. My crack eyes have disappeared completely. I can again use make-up on my eyes while maintaining my healthy complexion. There are many behaviour changes we can do to improve our skin. Stay hydrated, apply sunscreen and use the right skincare products are the essential basic steps that we need to do.

If you ask me would I recommend IDS, the answer is definitely "Yes". The product didn't harm our skin, not harsh, and it doesn't cause you to depend on it. It has been a great journey with IDS. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Collagen Supplement Review : LAO XIE ZHEN Collagen Beauty Essence

COLLAGEN... COLLAGEN... We have heard about collagen anywhere, and it seems to be in everything and described as healthy ingredients.

What is Collagen? Simply put, collagen is the most abundant component of the extracellular matrix (ECM), constituting 75% of skin structure. It has multiple purposes and functionality. As a key factor in preserving skin firmness and elasticity, it plays a vital role in skin health, which can help you maintain your complexion.

There are many varieties of collagen supplements in the market, but not all are created equal. Some collagen supplements may contain sugar, isoflavones, artificial flavouring, stabiliser or preservatives. Thus, it is important to read the product label and ingredients while choosing the best one.

I was introduced to try Award-winning Collagen Supplement by Daily Vanity in 2021, Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Essence, launched in 2020.

Celeste-Lao Xie Zhen


My first impression was convenient and neatly packaged in pink boxes. I can bring a few sachets anywhere with me since it is not heavy! Each box contains six sachets which can last you for a week. With the tear notch on each packet, it made my life easy. I could tear it away and pour it into a small cup with no spillage or drink it directly from the sachet by putting the straw in.

The ingredients of Beetroot, Acerola Cherries, Figs and Hawthorn make Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Collagen full of fruity and beetroot taste. Despite the fish collagen peptide, I didn't smell any fishy odour. The natural sweet made the drink taste good. I like to put a few cubes of ice into the cup and slowly drink it at night before I get to bed.

Celeste-Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Drink

Beauty Ingredients

Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Essence is 100% natural and packed with four types of premium superfood - Beetroot, Acerola Cherries, Figs and Hawthorn which are rich in plant polyphenols and Vitamin C. Vitamin C supplement is widely consumed by people as it helps to boost the immunity system. Do you know Acerola Cherries is an exotic superfruit with 8 times more Vitamin C than Blood Orange?

With the proprietary formula from Japan, it contains 5,000mg of patented nano collagen peptide [PO· OG] that is highly soluble. Scientific shows that the PO.OG is absorbed into the bloodstream within an hour.

I will do up the summary ingredients and benefits below:

The nutrient ingredients:

Collagen Peptide 500mg

Plant Polyphenols 147mg 

Vitamin C 68mg 


 - Prevent Loss of Collagen

- Promote Natural Collagen Within the Body

- Improve Skin Complexion and Elasticity

- Achieve Anti-Aging

- Lock in Skin Moisture

- Protect Against Radical Damage

- Aids in Digestion

- Help with wound healing

- Boost Metabolism

- Repair Joints

I have been drinking it for a week. I can feel that the wound on my skin which I did extraction last week is getting much better every day. Hope to achieve a better complexion and healthy skin with my regular consumption daily. 

You can drink it either in the morning before breakfast to start your day with beauty or at night before bed to have a glowing complexion when you wake up next day. Since I don’t drink cold water in the morning and I prefer to drink it while chill so, my routine is to drink it at night with a few cubes of ice inside the cup. 

If you are just getting started, you can follow the recommended plan based on age:

20s : Consume one pack every 2 days. 

30s: Consume one pack daily.

40s and above: Pair one pack with Chicken Essence daily.

Retail price is selling at $40 per box. More details can be found on their website

Monday, May 31, 2021

Teeth Whitening Secret: LA VIE AESTHETICS

Hey guys, if you have read my blog or been following my Instagram, I have shared about teeth whitening treatment at La Vie Aesthetics. If you have missed out on my teeth whitening experience, you can read it here.

As a person with natural yellow-ish teeth, I am happy with the treatment result. With my regular treatment, my teeth are getting lighter and lighter from month to month. What surprised me was my teeth is sixteen shades lighter since the first visit. When we compare the result, I was as happy as sandboy with the improvement of my teeth's colour, and nonetheless, it builds up my confidence level over the months.

As you can see here, my initial shade for my upper teeth were 32 and now is 16 whereas, my lower teeth were from 34 to 16. That makes a lot of differences!

My friends even asked me if I did something to my teeth. I shared with them my secret journey and first trial promo. I would share the promo at the end of my blog. 

The excellent service and satisfying result make no reason not to continue to maintain my teeth whitening treatment. As for maintenance, I can visit once every two to three months. There is no change to the procedure. 

As usual, I would need to brush off my teeth before the treatment start.

This followed by applying the gum protector and whitening gel. 

Each session takes around five minutes to one hour. Whether it is two round or three round for going through the same LED light and reapplying whitening gel, that depends much on your teeth condition and how long you can bear with the mouth guard. 

Sometimes I do feel my mouth a bit numb when the treatment ended because the mouth guard has been sitting too long on my mouth. But no worries, after a while, everything is back to normal. That is not an issue for me. If you experience anything that feels uncomfortable, feel free to let the consultant know, and they would be there to assist you.

That is my secret to my sparkling teeth, and I love it! Simple and easy.
I don't control the food that I eat, although the food we eat and our lifestyle would affect the colour of our teeth. But most importantly to keep it hygienic, clean, and rinse your mouth after eating.

I would share my upcoming visits on my Instagram. If you have missed it out, check out my IG story highlight. 

If you haven't made your appointment yet, you can book your appointment anytime and use the promo that I mentioned earlier. You can click on the promo link here for the promotion details.

Weekends are usually more crowded, do remember to make the book earlier.

La Vie Aesthetics
277 Orchard Road #04-08 Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858 (Near Somerset MRT)

(65) 6581 4417
(65) 6581 4470

Monday, April 26, 2021

My Facial Journey with IDS Aesthetics

If you have been following me and reading my new skincare journey, you would know that I am currently with the IDS. If you have missed out, you can read about the experience here.

Last week after a month of my new skincare regime, I visited Dr Lum for the second review, and I had a facial treatment at the same time.

My skin hydration is getting better especially, my dryness under the eyes. It has improved a lot, and it was no longer dry and flaky under the eyes. During my second review, I shared with Dr Lum about a few acne that popped up on my face, and I told her about my dark circle issue. 

She added a small bottle of spot control to my skincare product. It would be the last step after the rest of skincare and apply it to the acne when needed. She suggested I use Rejuvenating Complex for my eyes. It helps rejuvenate my eyes area as the eye product they have may be too strong for me, and I am still new to the product.

True enough, as during my first to second weeks, my skin was on the adapting process (peeling, oily) to a new environment. I shared it on my previous experience too. Up to date, my skin works well with the product, and it helps me on achieving a better skin complexion. It does reduce my skin redness due to the sensitivity of my skin.

My favourite product is the Rejuvenating Complex. Many people commented that the Moisture Boost is the most voted but, perhaps my skin works differently. Rejuvenating Complex helps under eyes got better and makes my skin looks younger and energetic again. C Plus would be my second choice. The vitamin C was refreshing and good.

After assessing my skin condition and cleared my doubt, she recommended doing a soothing and brightening facial, Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT). It includes a bit of extraction, serum infusion, sheet mask, and a combination of Cryotherapy technology.

Cryotherapy is a general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. It uses an electric current to penetrate essential vitamins into the skin. This treatment is suitable for sensitive skin while giving you glowing skin without any irritation and congested pores. The serum infusion and vitamins are great for skin brightening and instantly soothing and energising the skin.

After the cleaning, a bit of extraction and microdermabrasion have done. It followed by the serum injection combine with cryotherapy treatment. I like the glowing serum on my skin and felt like I was having a face massage, but it used machine massage instead. The sheet mask also combined with the cryotherapy and followed by 10-15 mins of rest. 

The facial was fast, and it took less than an hour. The consultant shared that she has to move around the machine on my face and can't stay in one area for too long after the vitamin and serum infusion as it may be too rich on my skin and may cause pimple on my face.

Here's the photo before and after the facial (NO FILTER, NO MAKEUP).

Notice that my sensitive skin that causes the redness on my skin is much better after using the products regularly and the CTT facial treatment.

My skin was really brightened up after the facial, and after a while, I could see the glowing effect on my face. It wasn't much redness on my skin resulted from the extraction, besides the most obvious one would be my stubborn acne and whitehead. But eventually, the next day would get better. Most importantly, my skin is clear from those whiteheads and blackheads. Although it was not completely clear, as the consultant didn't extract those not supposed to extract out yet in case my pore clogged and it would cause acne on my skin after the treatment.

I would be sharing my skin progress and my upcoming new treatment in the next post. Stay tuned!
Catch up on my Instagram to get the latest update all the time!

You can visit for more information about their products or if you wish to know more about their treatments!