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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My Skin Journey with IDS Aesthetics Clinic

Last week, I made my first trip to the IDS clinic at the Flagship outlet, Novena Specialist Centre. It is an aesthetic clinic that offers innovative and effective treatments at an affordable price. They are three entities under IDS, the Innovative Dermatological Solutions namely - IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics, and IDS Skincare. At the IDS Clinic, you get to meet the aesthetic professional that assesses your skin and collecting your skincare at the dispensary counter.

I was impressed by the cosy lounge were customer could rest while waiting for their turn. I like how big the waiting area it is. Even though few customers were sitting at the lounge but still there was ample space on another side. 

I got my skin checked by Dr Lam and assisted by one of their consultants. While examining my skin, I shared my major skin concerns about the dark circle and my dry under's eyes with Dr Lam. She noted that I have a few acne scars on my face, and I also shared with her, I understand it is hard to treat them thoroughly. She also highlighted my skin near the laugh line is slightly dry. 

She customized the skincare products for me and told me to use the suggested customized skincare on my dry under-eye and see if it helps.  She also advised me not to mix with other product, whereas for face wash and toner I can use my own. I asked how about my dark circle cream as I highlighted to her about my dark circle concern, and the customized products didn't include dark circle treatments. She advised me to continue to use my current dark circle products. Her cheerfulness has opened to us to have a great conversation.

After all, the consultant brought me to another room, explaining each product I have and how to use it. I noted it down on the paper for each step, and she was patiently addressing my questions while explaining to me. In total, I have 7 customised products that I would be using every morning and night except at night without the sunscreen.

Each product comes with its code tagged that commonly use at IDS. After cleaning my face and dry up with the toner, here's the step that I have been following since two weeks ago.

1. Pore Formula

It helps to minimise oil production on our face. The consultant explained to use on the T-Zone and those areas that susceptible to blackhead and whitehead. I felt the tingling session and some peeling on my face during my first days, perhaps I used it too much. It was too strong so, the next day, I reduced it and felt much better.  

2. C+ Plus 

 It is a watery texture of Vitamin C and E serum that good for morning skincare.  

3. Moisture Boost

Eventually, this is one of the most famous IDS Skincare products that aid in water retention and skin renewal. I like the non-sticky texture that safe to use on the delicate area of the eyes.

4. Recovery Serum

It is an anti-ageing serum for sensitive skin that helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. Dr Lam suggested using this recovery serum on my eyes besides the laugh line and other redness areas. I like this gel that works well on the dryness surrounding my eyes. 

5. Rejuvenating Complex

It is a super cream anti ageing cream. The texture is creamy like the name of its cream - super cream. It is good to use at night for hydrating. After a few days of using, I realised that my face was a bit too oily after a while, especially during day time, and I figured that I shall reduce the amount of the cream, which is just nice for me now.

6. Dermashield Serum

This creamy gel texture with a strong smell of serum would be the last step of night skincare. It works as screen protector that provides protection against harmful blue light and environmental pollutants

7. Sunscreen

It is a non-oily lotion tinted sunscreen with powerful anti-oxidant and Zinc Oxide that serves as good sunscreen protection with SPF 50. Just a side note, although it is tinted, it doesn't have much coverage because of its lightweight texture, unlike other tinted sunscreens that work as a foundation as well. 

One of the most visible results is my eyes. I am so happy that my dry under-eye has improved a lot. It is no longer the cracky eyes that I was worried about. I also feel that skin hydration is improved.

I can't wait for my next IDS session! Will share with you guys more about the progress and upcoming treatments. Don't forget to catch up on my Instagram story and feed too. 

Stay tuned!  

IDS Clinic
Novena Specialist Centre 
8 Sinaran Dr #05-10, Singapore 307470
Tel: (65) 6568 3555

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Beauty Products : Fresh Dailies

Happy Chinese New Year! New year, new beauty products!

Look at the new items that I got from the beauty store, Fresh Dailies

Sleek Hair Multi-functional brush and the Hair Away IPL Laser Epilator

What is Fresh Daily?

It is an online store selling beauty products ranging from skincare, makeup, haircare, wellness, and beauty tech product. They have a selection of over 400 trendy beauty products. Whether you are looking for facial masks, serums, lipsticks or hair straightener, they have most of the items! 

I used to have short hair for years. My hair was soft and silky, not much problem drying or styling it. After my hair is growing longer now, it gets frizzy easily, especially after washing it. Sometimes I get frustrated! It is not much about shampoo problem since I have been using the same shampoo for years but it is my hair problem.

When I find out about this Sleek Hair Multi-functional brush, I was excited and hoping that it helps my hair getting less frizzy and breakage while combing it.

With the patented technology in heat styling, this multi-function brush works as a straightener and hairdryer at the same while combing the wet hair. The 5 heat settings allow you to adjust the heat according to your style. Glad to know that it has the heat resistant protective plate and anti-burning shell that makes it safe to use. 

One issue about this brush is a little harder to use because it works oppositely from the normal comb. I need to pull up my hair a bit and place the brush inside the hair so that my hair can touch the brush.

But there wasn't cause much trouble. After using it a few times, I am used to the brush. At least my hair less frizzy now. It is getting better and doesn’t have much breakage while using the brush to comb my hair.

Alright, now let me share about IPL Laser Epilator, the mini hair removal device.

Most of us know about IPL hair removal. It is an Intense Pulsed Light Technology that uses light to heat the hair follicle and prevent regrowth.  


If you have done waxing before, you know how painful it is. You get a smooth armpit, smooth legs but it is only a temporary result. Do you know the frequent you do waxing, the hair will grow thicker and more? Because the hair's follicle damages whenever a hair is removed in such a forceful way. While repairing the damage result, the blood supply increase, in turn, the follicle becomes more firmly rooted.

IPL achieves a better result than waxing. It uses an intense pulse light that targets the melanin in hair follicles and inhibits hair growth where it achieves permanent hair removal.

The Hair Away IPL Laser Epilator can be used in a different part of the body. Even though mainly used for small areas such as bikini line, armpit, fingers, toes and lips. But, the AUTO MODE can be used for a larger area such as arms and legs. 

I have done IPL treatment, and I know how pricey it is especially body treatment like hand and leg. With the IPL device now, I can do it at home conveniently at any time! Save my travelling time and money. 

There is 5 heat setting that you can adjust the light intensity depending on the treated area. It takes quite a while for the light to illuminate. I followed the instruction to put it near my skin while I was figuring out how it works. It is advisable to use the provided black sunglass because the light is quite bright. 

I have been using it for a week on my leg. Haven't tried for other parts of my body. There is not much improvement yet since I only use it for a week. Still to early to see the result, but I can feel that my hair is getting slightly lighter. It does not pain at all and causes any discomfort. Felt a slight warm on my skin each time the light illuminated but it was fine, only for a few seconds. 

Currently, each time I would do it for three rounds and slowly increase the light intensity.  It needs at least 8 weeks of treatments for a better result. I can't wait to say goodbye to my body hair.

Thank you fresh daily for sending this over. 

Check out the latest beauty products they have via this link:

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Online Fashion Shopping : SUI SUI FASHION

Hello February! 

We are in the second month of 2021 now. Having said that we are in the busy month preparing for Chinese New Year. Time to work on the CNY style for reunion dinner, and dress up your way into the vibe of Chinese New Year!

Sadly, we are not able to travel out of Singapore to get our favourite snacks and clothes. All these thanks to the pandemic of Covid-19! But we are fortunate enough to be able to have a small celebration with a limited household visit. 

I used to go to Malaysia to buy clothes but, due to current pandemic, I am not able to do so. Btw, have you gotten your CNY outfits? Nowadays I prefer to shop online and also my busy schedule has made me hardly go out to shop. While looking for my CNY outfits, I came across to the online fashion store named Sui Sui Fashion. The physical stores are in Malaysia with few outlets at Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

I was so happy when I found out this shop. I remembered I visited their shop before when I had my holiday at KL, but this was 2-3 years ago. 

They have different clothes varieties to choose, and I bought a few to try out since I was worried if the size didn't fit me well. I got to say the delivery was fast. I was so excited when I received it, so I gave it a try immediately. Guess what! The size fits me well, and they have admirable quality.

Who can resist a good quality of clothing that is affordable? I can't resist, and I can't wait to buy again to stock up my new year and outing clothes. If you spot something you like, snap it stat before it out of stock. Some of the clothes sold out fast. 
I was thinking about modern jumpsuit and little floral lovin' for my CNY 2021 outfit stash. CNY isn't all about red so, I go for classic and street style. These would be my 2021 collection too.

I am in favour of their clothes. The materials are lightweight and breathable. Perfect for our tropical island. Whether you are looking for floral patterns, puffed sleeve or bold colours, you will find something to suit your style.  

The size measurements are available on the website, choose the one that fits perfectly to your body. I fit nicely with Small size, neither too tight nor too big.

Now you got the chance to buy clothes from Malaysia. Save time and convenient to purchase online at

Every batch and every outfit features different collection. You got to check it out!

Remember to quote CELESTE5 to get your 5% off. Happy shopping!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Teeth Whitening : LA VIE AESTHETICS

I have been wanted to try teeth whitening to improve my bad discoloured teeth. I have stubborn yellow teeth. Even though I brush my teeth regularly, but the yellow stains on my teeth remain the same. I thought of to use teeth whitening kit but, I am not ready yet.

I used to drink a lot of tea until I realised that I have a sleeping problem at night was because of drinking too much tea. Do you know tea would also cause yellow stains on our teeth?

Just two weeks ago, I had my appointment with La Vie Aesthetics for my first-time teeth whitening treatment. Located at a convenient location at Orchard Gateway Level 4, they have an elegant and cosy interior look. 

I was worried if there would be any side effects and procedures were complicated. But after the therapist explained to me about the process and precaution to take note, my worried seems to melt away.

Instead of using bleaching method like how doctors do, they use a blue LED technology with an application of non-peroxide teeth whitening gel. The LED light activates the teeth whitening gel which in turn whitens the teeth and remove any tooth stain or discolourations. Gum protector is the mandatory first step to complete before applying the whitening gel. It is to protect our gum which is the most sensitive part. 

In the consultation room, we went through the questionnaire I have filled up. The therapist asked if I consumed coffee, tea, carbonated drink, and eat curry regularly. She also asked if I smoked and had done teeth whitening treatment before. After that, patiently she assessed my upper and lower teeth. My teeth were on a high level of yellowish shade. This is how bad my yellow stain it is!

Once the explanation and consultation were done, I was brought to another room and prepared to get ready.


The steps are pretty straight forward and easy. To start, I have to brush my teeth and keep the toothbrush and toothpaste for the later part. I would need to brush my teeth again after the end of the treatment.

The room was cosy, nice bed to sleep but I was feeling too cold in the room so, I requested more blankets. After covering my eyes with sunglass, the therapist applied vaseline on my lips and put on a mouth opener on my mouth, followed by gum protector and the teeth whitening gel.


Each round takes 15 minutes with the LED light process. You can take a nap for 15 minutes while waiting for it. The therapist would come in to remove the gel and re-apply the new gel after the 15 mins and went through another round for 15 minutes.

After the treatment, I went back to the consultation room. I was so excited when I found out my teeth 10 shades lighter in just one session. The treatment was fast and effective without any irritation and pain. My upper teeth started with Shade 36 to Shade 26 while lower teeth from S32 to S22.

Shared by the therapist, the non-peroxide gel doesn't harm your teeth and even sensitive teeth is also suitable for the treatment. Your teeth will get whiter for each session and afterwards is the maintenance. She also reminded me not to have a too cold and too hot drink in the next 2-3 days to prevent sensitivity to my gum. Ice cream, cold drink and hot soup are examples to note down.

There is a few more session to go and I can't wait for my next session! I will update on my Instagram.
Follow me at for the upcoming results and will share with you guys for each session of treatments. 

Thank you La Vie Aesthetics for your service and helping me to smile more with confidence!

They are having a promotion for the teeth whitening at $168 (worth $688).
It is a good deal! Try it out and check out the promotion details via the link here: La Vie Aesthetics Promotion

La Vie Aesthetics
277 Orchard Road #04-08 Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858 (Near Somerset MRT)

+65 6581 4417
+65 6581 4470

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Free Delivery with Cake Delivery Singapore

Introducing the best-rated cake delivery in Singapore, Cake delivery Singapore is a fresh handmade gourmet cake shop that offers delivery service to your doorstep at any time. They provide a wide range of choices and cakes customizable according to your flavours. The bakers have baking experience for more than a decade. Most of them were educated at some of the top culinary institutes in Europe. 

The 24 hours islandwide delivery makes cake ordering anytime we wish, it's easier and flexible. You will get free delivery for spending over $80 and express delivery within one hour if you need it urgently. What's more! You can also arrange for midnight delivery for a birthday surprise.

They have a comprehensive list of cakes including cheesecake, chocolate cake, durian cake, ice cream cake, rainbow cakes and pies that cater to most of our needs for any occasion or your desire.


To make it easy and get a chance to try many delicious flavours, I decided to go for "Build Your Own Cake" ($89.90) with the assortment of 10 slices of cake to share with my loved one. 

The meaning of "Build Your Own Cake" is different from other cake shops. It is not to design your own cake but to allow you to choose your own favourite assortment of cakes.

Here's are the 5 different flavours
 - Red Velvet
 - Biscoff Cheesecake
 - Rose Pistachio
 - Chocolate Truffle
 - Burnt cheesecake

The cake's texture is soft and tender even though the burnt cheesecake is dry but it doesn't effort my liking with other flavours. The pistachio is slightly sweeter yet it is light, fluffy, and smells good with the scent of rose.

The vivid redness of Red Velvet is lovely. It doesn't taste too sweet or bitter with the cocoa powder. It is topped with savoury-sweet cream cheese.

The crunchy biscoff biscuits and the premium creamy cheese made it a perfect combination. 
The richness of cream cheese makes it even more delicious.

The moist chocolate cakes layered with chocolate ganache is a heavenly taste with every bite that goes into our mouth. The Chocolate Truffle Cake looks luxurious and is rich enough to melt your heart.

Thank you Natalie for the excellent service and collaboration.

We enjoyed the delicious cake much!

Cake Delivery Singapore



WhatsApp: +65 8847 4815 (No Calls)

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

8CRABS : Singapore Sri Lankan Crab and Zhi Char

Hello everyone!

We are at phase 2 of the circuit breaker now. Even though dining out is allowed now but it's only limited to a group of 5 and the safe distancing measure of 1m is still in place.  Some restaurants might be crowded and advanced reservation is needed as the seating capacity is limited due to safe distancing rules. Take away and delivery has become our norm during circuit breaker and even now is still a good strategy to implement.

While I thought of changing my dinner choice to seafood, 8Crabs came across to me and offering a complimentary voucher to try their AAA premium Sri Lankan Crab. It sounds a good deal, so why not I just take the offer right? Of course, I paid for the remaining excess order which I don't mind and before that, I already did my own research about their food.

Apparently, I learn something from the person I liaise with, as mentioned their crabs are sourced wild and farmed. Crabs naturally travel about 500m every night and prefer to live alone. Farmers breed many crabs in a confined space to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get stressed very easily in captivity,  produce ammonia, which is a sign of decomposition of seafood.

Most restaurants purchase farmed crabs because they are cheaper. As a result, they use highly fragrant gravies to cover up the ammonia smell.

About 8 CRABS

8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. This is graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade. This means that our crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery. To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared, and delivered the crabs to you within 12 hours.

There are 3 different kinds of flavor available:
- Chili crab
- Salted Egg crab
- Black Pepper crab.
Other than that, they also offer a wide variety of Zhi char for you to choose from.

Chili Crab ($68.00)

Salted Egg Crab ($68.00)

It was still hot when delivered to my place and the large size at the price of $68.00 is big enough to meet my expectation. The crab's shell was really hard and harder to crack compared to other types of crabs but it's worth putting in some effort because the best part that we were waiting for was the fresh and delightful meat.

Honestly, I never had a salted egg crab before so I was curious to try on their salted egg crab and I was glad that it wasn't disappointed me. The gravy was creamy enough with salted egg taste and not overwhelming. It satisfied my curiosity and my salted egg craving.

The chili crab gravy wasn't watery and well cooked. I like their typical chili crab and it wasn't too spicy. I even scooped the gravy to eat and mixed with rice!

Fried Mantou ($6)

I always feel something missing while eating chili crab without mantou so this fried mantou can't be missed out in your order. The mantou was deep-fried to a golden brown and still crispy when it left on my dining table for more than 1 hour.

Sweet and Sour Pork ($17.00)

I ordered the medium size with a serving for 3-5 pax and was wondering if it's too small for 6 people but when I opened it too see actually the portion was quite a lot. The meat was soft and juicy with a richer taste of sweet and sour.

Thank you 8crabs for the wonderful dinner and we enjoyed it. I don't mind ordering their food again next time. They provide lunch and dinner free delivery service above $120. What I did was I made the order on the same day for my dinner and it delivered on time in fact it came slightly earlier.

I was impressed by their online chat that they provide to serve customer queries. I didn't receive the confirmation order email after I done the payment, then I use their online chat platform to get some help. The reply was immediate and the person who attended to me was helping to confirm my order promptly.

Whatsapp: (65) 8725 0725

Friday, October 11, 2019

Cove Aesthetics Eye Treatment Review (formerly known as Admore Aesthetics)

There are many places that provide Aesthetic services, but not one quite like Cove Aesthetics (formerly known as Ardmore Aesthetics). I was introduced by Sample Store about this medispa and recently I have visited them at Wheelock Place.

Cove Aesthetic is a medical spa with medical-grade machines and products to provide a comprehensive suite of therapeutic face, body, and hair treatments for all clients. Committed to the highest standards in the face, body, and hair treatments, Ardmore Aesthetics offers customized treatment programs designed by Doctors in a luxurious and tranquil environment to deliver an unparalleled aesthetics medispa experience for all clients.