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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Time and Company Valentine Watch

Simple and elegant watch that i received from Time and Company would be my first post in 2019.
A lot of people posting about their New Year Resolution or Chinese new year but i am going to skip that. I would be sharing about his and her valentine's watch. Valentine day is just around the corner, to be exact is tomorrow which is 14th February.

A lot of people think that the celebration of Valentine Day is only for couple but actually it is a day that you show your love to everyone you love included your family and friends.

I am thankful to receive my advanced gift from Time and Company.
I like the packing which make it looks so luxury and also the simple design of the watch.
Since, it is a Valentine watch so it comes with his and her strap, red and brown.

About Time & Company
The onsite store is available in Sweden and Hongkong. They do international shipping with Free Delivery. All watches are covered under a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase, covering any defects in manufacturing including watch movement, indexes, dial and hands.

There are more design and information that you can find on this exclusive website.
Personally, i prefer the watch with white face as in it match with my skin tone.
But if you are a darker skin tone you can choose the darker watch face instead.

There is one more things that i like from the watch which is the convenience of changing strap without using tools. Its pretty easy and quite flexible. When you flip the watch to another side, you will notice a small pin that you can pinch out as you can see from the picture above. For a moment, i changed the strap to brown color instead and it took me for less than 3 minutes.

Happy Valentine guys !  ♥ xoxo

Friday, December 7, 2018

Betadine Feminine Care Review

Taking care of woman's intimate area is important as how you take care of your health.
Have you ever experienced vaginal dryness ? The symptoms can be itchy, soreness, burning sensation, and anything resulting in discomfort which can causes an extremely discomfort for us.

I personally have experienced the above was and it's really terrible, interrupting my whole day activities. At that point of time, i googled about what has happened and of course, i was looking for a solution to overcome it.

Below were what i read on the google:
" Apart of hormone changes, another common source of vaginal dryness is the irritation caused by the use of certain products. Some products contain chemicals that may disturb the natural environment of your vaginal system. With this in mind, you should always be careful only to use high quality, purpose-made products that are pH-balanced for your intimate areas."

After what happened, I stopped using regular body washes because it affects the pH level and the healthy balance of bacteria in the intimate area.

Betadine™ Feminine Care is natural intimate care that is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, soap and colourant free, and moisturise which good for those who experience itch, dryness or odour at intimate area.

On top of that, the prebiotics aids to kill germs naturally. It stimulate the growth and dominance of beneficial bacteria and prevents harmful organisms from growing. The unique Tri-Care+™ formulation combined with prebiotics helps provide daily protection against unwanted symptoms and support natural pH balance.

It comes in liquid, foam and wipes (only for gentle protection).

Which product suit your needs ? 

1. Gentle Protection 
It contains natural antioxidant and immortelle known as the "everlasting" flower that helps improve the skin’s natural moisture and solution to odour neutralisation.

2. Moisturising Calendula
It contains natural extract from the Calendula Officinalis flower, known for its rejuvenating ability, keeps the skin healthy and protected against dryness woes

3. Fresh and Active
If you are physically active, this natural and organic extract from the citrusy leaves of the Lemon Verbena plant would be your choice. It leaves a refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin or around the intimate area.

How To Use It : 

BETADINE Feminine Wash Liquid Gentle Protection :
    ~ Pour BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash onto moist hands.
    ~ Apply on intimate area, then rinse thoroughly.

BETADINE™ Feminine Wash Foam Gentle Protection :
     ~ Pump BETADINE™ Daily Feminine Wash onto moist hands.
     ~ Apply on intimate area, then rinse thoroughly.

The liquid wash is very liquidy with no colouring. If you prefer foam textures, you can opt for foam type. Both work well on skin protection. Personally, i prefer those with head pump so i would choose foam instead. Its easy and very convenient to use.

The wipes looks something like a wet tissue. It isn't sticky at all and it smells good. The small and light packaging makes it very convenient to bring around. I always bring it with me whenever i have full-day plans outside. Even with my small bag i could fit into it without any hassle.

Since the day i encountered feminine discomforts, I have been using Betadine's product as my feminine daily care in shower routine and it has become my favourite. It is Gynaecologically tested, which makes me feel safe to use and overall its good for vaginal health. I like the floral smell so much! The foamy wash leaves my skin clean, fresh and nice smell. It doesn't make my intimate area dry and itchy.

I hope you ladies do take care of your vaginal area. If you ever experienced the same symptoms as i did, don't be shy to comment below or start a conversation with me. You can buy the products here.

You can also have a chance to try the free sample via Sample Store.
Redeem Your Sample

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hokkaido Marche | Food Review

My first time at Hokkaido Marche in Singapore
Last week, I was invited by J Passport to Hokkaido Marche located at the basement of Orchard Central for a food tasting treat. In partnership with Don Don Donki to bring Hokkaido Marche to Singapore, this establishment have a seating capacity of 80 seats and 8 different specialties from different part of Hokkaido. We had a try on two of the well-known items they have, namely, DIY Kaisen Don from Kaisen Natsume and Hakodate Ramen from Ajisai Noodles.

DIY Kaisen Don from Kaisen Natsume
DIY Kaisen Don give you the freedom of choices, with many seafood to choose from depending on the size you want. It goes by number of 2, 4, and 5 or small, middle, and large if you are confuse, which is the number of items you can choose to include in your don.

Apart from the standard choices, feel free to add on additional item to your desire. I would personally get an extra portion of salmon for my bowl!

What’s nice about Kaisen Don is the sauces available to choose from. If you like it spicy, the spicy paste is highly recommended by me.

Hakodate Ramen from Ajisai Noodles
If you were to ask me how to have a taste of Hokkaido in Singapore, I would gladly mention that you should go have some Ajisai noodles. As Ajisai is a common ramen chain found in Hakodate.

Ajisai’s noodles is light in taste. There is some similarity to the Chinese noodle soup. Having a hot bowl of Ajisai noodles during a winter in Hokkaido feel so satisfying. Although we don’t have winter but do think of Ajisai noodles during our cold rainy season.

Once again, thank you J Passport for giving us this opportunity to have taste of Japan, right in Singapore. Here is the link you can find out more about Hokkaido Marche

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Little Flower Hut | Beautiful Vase Flower

The day when i woke up slightly late in the noon due to my hectic schedule that made my body having trouble getting out of bed, all of a sudden i smiled the moment i saw a pretty flower vase on the living room. I opened the card message. "Its for me and special from Little Flower Hut."

Without further thinking, i googled about this flower shop. Here's a brief summary of the shop :

Little Flower Hut appeared to be one of the best flower delivery services in Singapore. They provide a FREE delivery service within the the same day flower delivery. However, if you need an express delivery, there will be an extra charges. Whether you are looking for hamper, bouquet, or any occasion of flower and design, they have everything what you need. 

You can find the similar flower vase like what i have with different kind of flowers, but not the exactly the same as mine because these are their products to be launched in 2019.

These can be found under Table Arrangement option.

Do you know that flower also have a Happy hour time ? It looks so adorable !
For those who fancy of Happy Hour,  These Happy Hour Flower would be good choice to opt.

Giving someone a beautiful flower would be a great idea.You don't have to wait for a special occasion to give them a gift. Surprise someone with flowers at a random time and you will surely make their day. 

Choosing the right type of flower is also important. Of course, it will be a better idea if we always include a few flowers that the person likes. If you aren't sure what kind of flowers they like, you can arrange it based on the event or theme that makes sense for the occasion.

The flowers are hydrangea, roses and cactus. 
What makes me amazed on the flowers are the succulent! This is my first time received succulent as a gift tho. Giving succulent as a gift is also great idea because of its unique, last longer than flower and Go Green, don't you think so ?

Thank you Little Flower Hut for sending me this flower vase. It brings me a smile day ! :)

With a fresh flower on everyday and 24 hour service from Little Flower Hut and, now you can send a flower to your loved one on anytime.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

Loving the Young and Trendy Detox facial treatment i had at Lynn Aesthetic. Nestled in the HDB flats of Hougang, Lynn Aesthetic has been there for 33 years. Despite being a neighbourhood salon, its cozy ambience and the professional service they have are comparable with those beauty salon i experienced in town.


The moment i stepped into Lynn Aesthetic, i was greeted by the staff and offered a cup of fruit tea while filling up the form. I took pictures of their entrance and interior which seemed new and good even though they have been operating for 33 years.

Consultation Room

They do have their own skin care products as well !

Thank you Kerine Wong who was my beautician for giving me a mini tour before the treatment started. First level is catered for gents and ladies will be on the second floor. Here is the resting area with a nicely decorated wall.You can relax by enjoying the biscuit, reading magazine and even doll up yourself at the pretty mirror in front of you.

The most interesting part from the mini tour was exploring different theme’s room. Each beautician will have their own room to take care of and they will be in-charged on decorating their own room as well. I didn’t have a chance to see all the rooms because some of the rooms were occupied but all of them are really nicely decorated and impressed. They are so creative ! Hmm.. I shall learn to make my room looks adorable.

The VIP room for the boss, Lynn

Here is the Crystal Room where i was located to do the treatment.


After cleaning my face and understand about my face condition, Kerine recommended me to do detox facial by using oxygenating serum to boost my skin hydration.

The Detox Facial focuses on the self-repair ability by accelerating the metabolism of the cell, you will be able to recover your best skin condition.

The procedure step :
1. Cleanse
2. Tone
3. Gommage peel
4. Steam - Skin scubbing - suction
5. Eyesbrows trimming
6. Oxygenating Serum
  ( Oxygenating serum/ Detox Gel/ Collagen Whitening Serum/ Hydrating Gel/ Slimmlook Gel (customize by skin) )
7. Lip, eye care
8. Oxygenating Night Cream, face, shoulder head massage
9. Co2 Cream Mask
10. Hand massage

During the first cleanse, she tested my skin and started to give me advice on taking extra care on my combination skin especially the dry part to avoid losing out too much water balance.

I like the gommage peel that deeply remove my inner dead skin without feeling any pain.  The suction procedure after the oxygen steam was fantastic. It sucked plenty of my white head and debris trapped in my skin. I feel like i have a new skin texture.

 The picture of debris found in my skin

Oxygenating serum with ultra sound machine.
At Lynn Aesthethic, neck treatment will be included in all the facial

I was surprised when the bed vibrate while i was using mask. Wow, their bed has the body massage function, which made sure your body doesn't ache by by just lying down there.

Here’s the picture of before and after treatment included side by side comparison.
 All of the after treatment pictures no make up except for sunblock



Oxygenating cream was my favourite part during the entire treatment process. The feeling of rich foamy cream when massage onto my face was so good. I felt like a breath of fresh air comes into my skin and my skin become moisturised and refresh. Lip and eye care was given before applying a mask. I was lulled into a relaxation massage on my head, neck and shoulder.

With the immediate result, my skin is really hydrated. Can you see my glowing skin?
My face looks brighter and the moisture level of my skin also increased.

Even after a few days, my skin is still glowing. The oxygen facial treatment really helped to boost my tired skin into becoming a well-rested skin. I love my dewy and radiant complexion!

Overall, from my experience, i would recommend this place to everyone. Thank you Lynn Aesthetic and also kudos to friendly Kerine for the service and all of your advice to help me to tackle my skin problems, making me looks better.

Website :
Address : Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317 Singapore 530211
Nearest MRT : Kovan
Operating Hours :
Mon - Fri : 10 AM - 9 PM
Sat, Sun, PH : 10 AM - 6 PM
Appointment Booking : (65) 6289 8901

There are move reviews for you guys to read up about their service
Head to this link :

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Hey guys, this time will be about a beauty review – a facial wash from Japan, Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, which I got to know through Sample Store. If you do follow my Instagram and actively on IG Stories, you will notice that recently i have been visiting japan frequently. But, I’ve never learned about this beauty powder. Great news is, it can now be found in Singapore as well (Don Don DonkiWelcia-BHG and Lazada)!

Retail price is selling at :
  - $27 for pack of 32
  - $14 for pack of 15. 

This beauty powder is packed in individual small cap for one time use only. Perfect for post gym, swimming and travelling.

So, what is this powder about ? And what special of this product ?

Developed under leading cosmetics producer Kanebo, the suisai range was inspired by the “Gift of Fermentation”It is formulated with moisturising elements such as fermented soy milk extract, pear juice extract and Double Hyaluronic AcidThe range includes its signature hit product – the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. This cleansing powder was ranked the number one facial wash in Japan for three consecutive years and highly raved by beauty enthusiasts around Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    Here are the benefits :
    • Effective skincare solution for people whose primary concerns are rough skin, unwanted shine, clogged pores, and excess sebum.
    • Contains unique enzymes and amino acid cleansing ingredients that decompose keratin plugs and exfoliate dead skin cells.
    • The granule-structured powder formula quickly and easily achieves humidity-resistance, rich and voluminous lather
    • The fine and soft foam is designed to envelope and remove impurities in a deep cleanse, resulting in reduced pore visibility, blackhead, and acne.
    • Primes the skin to better absorb lotion.
    • Through the fermented skincare formula, leaves the skin fully moist, silky smooth and noticeably bright

    How to use it ?
    1.  Pour the powder onto palm
    2. Add in a few drops of water and work up a foamy lather
    3. Massage it into skin

    Tips : Do not put too much water as it will make the powder become too watery instead of foamy. It happended to me as a first time user.

    This beauty powder has made my life so much easier. Its pretty easy to use and quite interesting. I can just conveniently stuff a few caps into my toiletries bag and bring it along for my overseas trip since its very light and small (not much space needed). 

    It deeply cleanses my skin without leaving my skin dry and too tight. Even though it is not a scrub, I feel that it is effective in exfoliating my dead skin with its unique ingredients. My skin feels smoother and hydrated after each wash.

    Give it a try on your skin and grab this chance to redeem free samples at Sample Store :